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Vote Brooks Duke for NUS National President




What Students Say About Brooks

“Brooks has managed to support the De Montfort Sabbatical team throughout a difficult year. It is often the encouragement and advice that help at such difficult times. The De Montfort Sabbatical team would like to offer our full support to Brooks as he runs for President ”

Sabbatical Team, De Montfort University


“This year the education campaign has had an energy, and students officers have been genuinely excited about getting involved.  This is down to the hard work of Brooks Duke.  He has also been the driver behind many of the NUS reform ideas. Through his tireless work he has shown that he wants to make NUS more relevant and accessible. I strongly believe he is the best candidate for president”

Kate Richards, Deputy President, NUS Wales

“ I strongly believe that Brooks is the only candidate with a proven track record of real commitment to students. He is the only candidate who will rise above the petty factional infighting and make NUS a voice for students not political factions”

James Bowers, VP Education, City University


“ In the time I have known Brooks, he has shown himself to be a supportive and professional national officer. As VP Education, he has worked hard to make the Funding campaign a winning one. He will be a campaigning President who wont give up until students get a fair deal from the government”

Matt Toffery,  President, UCE

 “... I was sceptical of the NUS leadership, but now having worked with Brooks, I know he has the commitment and ability to win for students.  He is the only choice for anyone who wants to see students come first in NUS ...”

 Sandrea Morgan, NUS Vice President , FE & Union Development

 Brooks is fully committed to the student movement. His energetic approach and enthusiasm proves that he is more than able to rise to the challenge of reforming NUS to make it relevant once again

 Vicky Whitney,  VP Education & Welfare Kingston University


“ Brooks has given the Exec at Reading College constant support throughout this year, from generating wide interest for the Regional and National Demos to negotiating with the College for a sabbatical position.  His genuine commitment to Further Education unions make him the ideal candidate to end the democratic deficit of FE students in the national union”

 Gareth Cahill, General Secretary, Reading College


“ Brooks is thoroughly committed to the student movement and I know him to be keen and knowledgeable.  I know that as a Students’ Union Officer, I can rely on him if I need help in any of the work I do. He has worked hard to develop close relations with Students’ Unions and I am confident that he will be a strong and effective President ”

 Tom Tolliss; Education Officer, Nottingham University


Brooks has been very supportive and informative to Cardiff University Students’ Union. I sincerely hope that he is given the opportunity to consolidate and develop these essential qualities as President of our national Union ”

Tom MacGarry; President, Cardiff & NUS Wales president-elect


“ Brooks has led an Education Funding campaign which has been unprecedented in recent times in its inclusiveness and relevance. I represent thousands of FE students in the South East, and I urge you to vote Brooks Duke #1 for President ”

Tom Minor;  President, Reigate College & FEUD Officer, SEANUS


“Brooks has proved to be extremely dedicated, supportive and enthusiastic about the student movement. His commitment and strong leadership qualities will make him a brilliant President for NUS”

Caroline Catmur VP Education & Welfare Worcester University College


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