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Profile: Brooks Duke

Throughout my time in the student movement, I have actively fought to defend the rights of students. As someone who has been a successful office in both Further Education and Higher Education, I have first hand experience of the needs of studentsí unions and what they want and deserve. 

 As a member of the National Executive, I have seen how internal divisions and inaction by some national officers of NUS, has led to many studentsí unions questioning the value of affiliation to a body that appears to be stuck in the past and too remote from the daily lives of students. I have worked tirelessly to make our national union relevant to students. Our funding campaign has been turned around and has begun to have huge impact and has the government on the run. I have spent the last eight months campaigning for a better deal for all students, be they  undergraduates, international students, postgraduates or in further education.

From coordinating the most high profile national demonstration for over a decade to winning the campaign to introduce a fair complaint system, I have worked hard to deliver the services studentsí unions and their members deserve. I will carry this approach to the office of president. This document outlines the work I have done so far and my vision for NUS, if you elect me at conference.  

I am the candidate that owes no favours to political factions and if elected it will be because you, the students and student officers, have selected me to put students first. I am standing for President with the support of independent student officers from all corners of the UK who believe in my ability to reform NUS and make it relevant and reliable to secure victories for students.

Have a look at my manifesto. We have a search facility for our website where you can search the documents related to your key words!

Students and studentsí unions deserve national officers that accept their responsibilities and serve the membership rather than themselves. Committed to building an NUS that supports studentsí unions, I am the candidate who will ensure you are receiving value for money and rise to the challenge of making your national union strong and relevant again.

Vote Brooks Duke for an independent and powerful voice in your national union.


Brooks Duke


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